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Integrated C-STEM Training Institute Specialized Pathways

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*PreK – 1st *Elementary School *Middle School *High School
Computer Programming Computer Programming Computer Programming Computer Programming
Mural Debate Debate Debate
Photography Film Film Film
Robotics Innovation Innovation Innovation
Sculpture Mural Mural Mural
Photography Photography Photography
Robotics Robotics Robotics
Sculpture Sculpture Sculpture
 *Available in bundles of 3 & 5
*Available in bundles of 6 & 8
*Available in bundles of 6 & 8
*Available in bundles of 6 & 8


C-STEM offers robust Pre K – 12th grade project-based learning curriculum.  To support the implementation of the curriculum, the Integrated C-STEM Teacher Training Institute is made available to teachers, parents, mentors, organizations, and institutions. Each academic year, C-STEM unveils a new curriculum.  The curriculum is associated with a theme to ensure that learning remains relevant, rigorous, 100% project-based, requires critical thinking and problem-solving.

C-STEM  Pedagogy develops and supports Pre K – 12th grade pipelines (feeder patterns) of students through their engagement in high quality learning, collaborative work both vertically and horizontally, and the application of what is being taught in the classroom to the real world.

C-STEM curriculum offers students an interdisciplinary orientation to their structured curriculum and emphasizes integrating rigorous instruction in theory and method with hands-on, skills-based instruction by teachers, mentors, and/or parents. The primary goal is to train students with to have specialized knowledge, skills, and experiences that propels them to be leaders in STEM fields and in their community.

The theme for the 2017-2018 academic year is Living Smarter: Powering a Sustainable and Productive Future. We are preparing students for the arrival of a society that demands both a high degree of technological acuity (which entails an understanding of the concepts of automation and artificial intelligence) and an intrinsic motivation to strive for increased efficiency in the economic, social, and cultural aspects of life.

Since 2002, C-STEM has been providing services through enriched learning experiences that have impacted over a quarter million students and teachers, reaching more than 500 Pre K – 12 schools nationally and internationally. C-STEM is often implemented during school (i.e. elective, ancillary, or character education course, etc.), after-school,  on Saturday’s and/or during the summer.

C-STEM programs are of high interest to teachers and students.  Some notable recognition’s include being honored by The White House as a STEM Diversity and Access Champion of Change, a World Innovation Summit on Education (WISE) Finalist, and 100 Women Leaders in STEM.

What can you expect from the C-STEM program?