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The National C-STEM Youth Commission was originally formed in 2015 and consists of a group of 10 high school students from Houston, Texas, Port Arthur, Texas, Hazlehurst, Mississippi, Marlboro, Maryland, and Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  Houston area State Farm Agent Tiffany Jones presented C-STEM Youth Commission with the $86,000 Youth Advisory Board grant that launch the program in 2015.

The National C-STEM Youth Commissioners call for the implementation of a Common STEM Definition to foster uniformity through the establishment of a guiding standard for consistent high quality STEM learning. C-STEM proposes the Common STEM Definition to be “interdisciplinary, application based, rigorous, relevant, and experiential while fostering curiosity, creativity, innovation, critical thinking, problem solving, and collaborative learning.”

Read more about the research supporting the importance of the national adoption of a Common STEM Definition in the White Paper written by the Commissioners.

Check Out The Youth Commission White Paper:  

The Case for Implementing a Common Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Definition to Improve Upon Access to High-Quality Enrichment Programs for Minorities and Females


STEM Public Policy Advocacy Work in Action ~ Washington, DC (2015) 

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