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Want to Participate? Register Here! Over the years, people have adopted incredibly distinct manners of conservation in order to preserve various limited resources more effectively. These differences come from the individual motivations that each generation had for saving resources.  Now, the focus is beginning to shift to our direct impact on the earth. People are realizing that wanting a phone,… Read more →

C-STEM Supporting President Obama’s Call to Action

FACT SHEET: A Year of Action Supporting Computer Science for All “…we have to make sure all our kids are equipped for the jobs of the future – which means not just being able to work with computers, but developing the analytical and coding skills to power our innovation economy.”   President Obama, Weekly Address, January 30, 2016. There are… Read more →

C + STEM + Art = CSTEM Experience C-STEM, Register Today!                                             2nd-12th Grade                   2nd-12th Grade            2nd-12th Grade               Pre K-12th Grade                     … Read more →

Supplemental Resources

Already Registered for the CSTEM Challenge?   Sign Up for CSTEMbreak and SchooX! Directions for CSTEMbreak: 1. Open email with subject line (Come join me on CSTEMbreak), click Join now. 2. Create profile 3. Someone from our office will approve you to join, you will then receive a secondary invitation to join your respective group (Elementary, Middle, High school) 4.… Read more →

Interactive STEM Exhibit Request

C-STEM Interactive Exhibit Request Do you want us on your next event? The best interactive exhibits rely less on technology and more on knowledge, touch screens and ipads are not enough! Our package includes 6 hands-on interactive STEM exhibits where participants can expect to experience the following: • Turn on the City Lights • Minecraft Robotics • Soluble Science •… Read more →