Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

 If I register for the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute do I have to pay to participate in the National CSTEM Challenge?

Yes, the National CSTEM Challenge is a performative evaluation with an associated fee, $199.00.

Can I purchase the National CSTEM Challenge curriculum without participating in the training?


Can I purchase the National CSTEM Challenge tool-kit without participating in the training?


If I don’t participate in the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute can I participate in the National CSTEM Challenge performative evaluation?

Yes. The entry fee is $499.99.

Is there a membership fee?

No. You become a 2 year member of C-STEM when you register to participate in the Integrated C-STEM Teacher Training Institute.  There is a renewal fee of $25 every 2 years.

What benefits will I receive by becoming a member of C-STEM?

~Receive 10% discount on the professional development training, tool-kits, performative evaluation (National CSTEM Challenge), and curriculum
~Receive 50% discount on tickets to the Annual State of STEM Education Address Breakfast
~Receive 10% discount  on items in the C-STEM Store
~Receive E-newsletters and bulletins
~Earn cash and awards for your C-STEM leadership

Can I register as many as I want to participate in a training?

Yes, there is no maximum number of participants that can be registered.

If more than one teacher register does the price differ?

Yes, the fee for bundles of (6) are discounted 5% and bundles of (8) are discounted 10%.  Special pricing is available for groups greater than (8).

When do you recommend I start training?

Between September and October of an academic year.

Can I pay with a purchase order?


Should teachers participating in the training implement during or after-school?

C-STEM training works well in classroom setting during the instructional day and in after-school settings.  It is recommended that C-STEM is implemented in both settings on school campuses.

How many students can be impacted by teachers participation in the training?

All of the students assigned to the teacher.

Who should register for the training?

Teachers, Administrators, Parents, Mentors, Professors from all content/background areas can register (i.e. science, math, social studies, engineering, technology, English language arts, and art ).

What is the deadline to register for the training and participate in the performative evaluation, National CSTEM Challenge?

The last day of the month of February of each year.

Our school district is building STEM feeder patterns/pathways, how would you recommend we connect our schools?

We recommend you form Pre K-12 teams:

One Team Structure Example                                                      





Multiple Team Structure Example





What is the Feeder Pattern Approach?

The feeder pattern is a systematic approach that allows students to explore, and engage in STEM hands on activities at the elementary, middle, and high school level.

Does the challenge only incorporate STEM concepts?

No, the challenge involves all content areas which include communication, science, technology, engineering, math, art, social studies, English Language Arts, and engineering.

I teach at the elementary, middle, or high school level.  How will my students benefit from the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute benefit at my school?

Some of the ways your students will benefit include:

  • Increase hands-on project-based instruction during the instructional day and after-school;
  • Builds teachers capacity to lead engage students in interdisciplinary subject matter;
  • Supports the collaboration and the development of vertical and horizontal teams;
  • Increase student’s critical thinking and problem-solving skills;
  • Remain connected to relevant C-STEM content, resources, and materials;
  • Advance the Professional Learning Communities within schools; and
  • Increased knowledge and exposure to STEM for college and workforce readiness.