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What Comes in Your C-STEM Training Tool-Kit?

*Relevant Thematic C-STEM Curriculum    *State and National Standards Alignment    *Manipulatives/Resources/Supplies    *Books    *Marketing Materials    *Rubrics    *Pacing Guide

*Software/Hardware    *On-line and Mobile Platforms

*Performative Evaluation (National Competition Optional)


Art is appreciated in many different ways in a society. Some people like to create it while other people enjoy observing it. Still others prefer to collect it and others are content to read about it. Whatever the case, it is plain to see that people devote a great deal of time and energy towards admiring the creative genius of somebody else’s masterpiece. But why? Well, it would be helpful to understand that art is more than colorful paintings or sidewalk chalk drawings. Art is a form of self-expression. In recognizing this, we develop a deeper understanding of the human experience. People are drawn to things they feel provide them with an enriched perspective on life. Seeing the world through another person’s eyes—through art—does just that. It is no wonder then, that murals tend to be the objects of both adoration and strife with respect to social, cultural, and environmental conflicts.

For many centuries, people have utilized mural painting as a means of portraying issues or ideologies embodied by a particular group in society. To reflect the year’s theme of powering a sustainable and productive future, the emphasis will be on creating works that depict the potential benefits and/or dangers that technological advances pose on our standard of living.



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