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For thousands of years, murals have served as symbols of social, cultural, and political ideology. They have been the source of much controversy, division, and turmoil. But they have also been instrumental in bringing about cooperation and unity for a just cause. Murals are not designed merely to portray images. They convey messages. They offer information and insight. After all, a picture is worth 1000 words right?

What Comes in Your C-STEM Tool-Kit?

*Relevant Thematic C-STEM Curriculum    *State and National Standards Alignment    *Manipulatives/Resources/Supplies    *Books    *Marketing Materials    *Rubrics    *Pacing Guide

*Software/Hardware    *On-line and Mobile Platforms

*Performative Evaluation (National Competition Invitational)


All C-STEM Curricula Aligned to State and National Standards