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Take a moment to imagine life without photography. Hard to grasp, right? No Snapchat, no Instagram, no selfies…need I continue? But if you actually think about it, photography is truly a significant part of our lives. We take so many photos because we enjoy being able to reflect on the memories. Cameras enable us to “capture the moment” in a literal sense.

Photography is not merely for recreation or personal use, though. Consider the other things you may have seen photos used for: Missing pets or people, mugshots, aftermath of natural disasters. Photographs are essential for spreading information about important events, people, or situations. That is precisely why this year’s challenge is so critical in jumpstarting the movement towards living smarter. Having a visual representation of the direction the labor force is heading, along with the toll being exacted on the environment in the process, will allow us to formulate appropriate solutions that will contribute to our understanding of automation and AI.

               Daguerrotype                     View Camera                      Film SLR                          DSLR                     iPad                   Cell Phone Selfie

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