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Education Consulting Services, LLC (ECS) is thrilled to have this opportunity to work with you this summer.  A quality education is the most direct means of creating an informed citizenry necessary to sustain the world as we know it and that which we create through innovation and futuristic thinking.  Your instructional leadership provides students with the knowledge and skills required to live the life they imagine, realize their dreams, and fully develop as awesome human beings.  Teachers such as yourself, lay the foundation that creates healthy and engaged communities.  The persistence and emphasis you place on STEM education is essential to maintaining a thriving American economy and operating in a competitive global economy.  Together, we give wings to society’s collective hopes for a promising future.  We want you to know that ECS’s primary goal in partnering with you, is to add value to your instructional methods and processes to support your students with achieving academic success in STEM.



Summer STEM Options


When we provide interdisciplinary, seamless, integrated and project-based learning experiences—students learn not only the content and skills from each discipline, but are able to see the connections and applications which are not apparent, or learned, when students receive a fragmented curriculum.  Learning occurs at much higher levels when the curriculum is interdisciplinary and project-based.

What would you like your Pre K -12th grade students to experience this summer?

STEM a-la-cart (2 hours) You May Select All that Apply ($45 per group of five)

Burping Bubbles

Create fun concoctions to explore density, solubility, color, and pressure, building understanding of as to makes things in your life work.

Sky Rocket Out of Here 

Design and test rockets to understand of Newton’s Laws.

Oil Spill Clean-up

Learn how polymers are changing the way engineers and environmentalist handle oil spills and manage waste problems.

Tie Dye Chromatography

Explore and experience solubility.


Experience the power of kinetic energy, electric current, electric circuit, Newton’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Law with the unconventional use of toothbrush heads and motors.

 Robotics Hand

Make and Experience the illusion of a fake hand being part of your body to discover the limitations of active motion and approximate measurements.

Polymer Exploration

Discover how polymers are used to help with environmental issues and how they are utilized in everyday life.

Computer Programming 

Learn how to program using languages such as JavaScript to create text based games.


STEM a-la-cart (8 hours) You May Select All that Apply ($110.00 per group of five)

Gas and Energy Exploration 

Learn about and explore how oil and gas are used today.

Sacred Geometry: Mural 

Use your creativity through painting to experience the math and science in your artistry.

Electric Circuits 

Explore and use circuitry, creativity, computer programming, and innovation to make the uncommon common.


Explore the utility of photography in STEM industries.

Sea Turtle Sculptures 

Learn about endangered species, conservation, environmental stewardship, and the artistry in found objects.


STEM a-la-cart (24 hours) You May Select All that Apply ($1,500 per group of 10)

VEX Robotics 

Enjoy the full experience of designing, building, and problem-solving a wireless remote-controlled, tethered, and/or programed robot.  There is so much cool math, physics, science, and technology to experience.

Digital Fabrication 

Merge the processes involved in thinking and making to connect to the analytical part of your brain and the desire to touch and feel things with your hands.

3D Printing 

Experience how cool it is to use technology to make 3-D solid object.


STEM Thematic Experience (1 Week) You May Select All that Apply ($6,360 per group of 40 students)

Powering Progress: Environmental Stewardship (8 modules) 

The themed learning journey, ‘Powering Progress: Environmental Stewardship’, focuses on the careful management of our current natural resources as well as the utilization of alternative energy sources for future improvements to our global environment.

Stewardship: an ethic that embodies the responsible planning and management of resources

The narrative is where our theme is tied to reality. Why is environmental stewardship important? What can we do to ensure that we are being good stewards?  The different modules will help bolster understanding about the concept of environmental stewardship from multiple angles. You will enjoy real-world learning experiences in: robotics, computer programming, innovation, film, photography, mural, sculpture, and innovation.


Water Energy Nexus (6 modules)

The themed learning journey, ‘Water Energy Nexus’, focuses on how water and energy systems are all connected.  Since actions taken with water can have a significant impact on energy and vice-versa, it is important to understand the interdependencies among clean water and energy.  You will enjoy real-world learning experiences in: robotics, mural, sculpture, creative writing, photography, and geoscience.


Algae Bloom (6 modules)

The themed learning journey, ‘Life on land and in the sea: Algal Bloom, Dead Zones, and Clean Water’, focuses on mitigating habits that create imbalances that disrupts the quality of life. You will enjoy real-world learning experiences in: robotics, environmental science, geographical information systems, sculpture, mural, creative writing, and debate,


Wind Energy (6 modules)

The themed learning journey, ‘Wind Energy’, focuses on the discovery of cleaner, more sustainable, and an affordable form of alternative energy. You will enjoy real-world learning experiences in: robotics, environmental science, geoscience, sculpture, mural, creative writing, and mobile tech.


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