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At C-STEM, we offer internship opportunities to undergraduate and graduate level students, providing interns opportunities to gain valuable work experience in a safe environment. Further, we share internship opportunities that are available in STEM industries.  Learn more…

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Martin Reyes

IT Intern

CSTEMbreak renovations; Curricula Design leading for Programming and Civil Engineering, Graphics for CSTEMbreak and; Team co-leader

Computer Science and Chemistry, University of Houston

Joya Gathe

STEM Project Enhancement Intern

CSTEM Challenge Kit Organization; Curriculum Organization; Business Strategy and Planning; Assist Dr. Flowers and others; Curricula Design

Chemical and Environmental Engineering, University of Nottingham

Jonathan Zapata

IT Intern

Website renovations; Curricula Design leading for Innovation Challenge, Writing, and Editing; Graphics; Video and Audio Editing; Team leader

Operations Research, Cornell University

IsaacIsaac D. Valdez

STEM Project Enhancement Intern

Recruit new teams to participate in the C-STEM Challenge and iSTEM Olympiad: create and implement strategy to raise funds to sponsor a student’s STEM experience in C-STEM; Enhance elementary and secondary STEM curriculum deliver system, enhance teacher training delivery system, and create standard STEM tool kit packaging and teacher training collateral and material packaging; enhance student engagement around C-STEM programs on and through social media platforms.

Applied Mathematics, University of Houston – Downtown

DuyDuy Vo

STEM Project Enhancement Intern, Summer 2014

Construct and code robots; Enhance STEM curriculum with focus on robotics and geoscience; Analytics for C-STEM website, CSTEMbreak, and Mobile App; Information Technology Office and Network Upgrades; Digital Development of volunteer registration and student scoring.

Computer Information Systems, University of Houston

Orlando Benitez39463_129567347103420_2329206_n

Multimedia and Graphics Intern, Fall 2013

C-STEM Montly Newsletter;Information Sharing through Social Media and Social Media Innovation;CSTEMbreak management support and engagement;Infographics;Annual Report Development and Distribution;Website and Mobile Application  Development, Updates, and Support

Graphic and Web Design, Art Institute of Houston

IMG_3112JD Crumedy

STEM Project Enhancement Intern, Spring 2013

Curriculum Updates; 3-D Printing and Training; Robotics Field assembly; Robotics Training; STEM Quizbowl Development; Mobile Application Support.

Mechanical Engineering, Rice University

Sarah Zhukovsky

Public Relations/Public Administration Intern, Summer 2013

Design, lead, and implement the inaugural C-STEM Member Drive Fundraiser;

Engage C-STEM community to support the fundraiser;

Build the active donor network; Develop collateral regarding the organization and member drive; Create digital newsletter.

Business Administration, Northeastern University

Jamar Brooks

STEM Project Enhancement Intern, Summer 2013

Recruit new teams to participate in C-STEM programs; Enhance STEM curriculum with focus on robotics; Enhance teacher training delivery system.

Computer Science, MIT

Kevin Han

STEM Project Enhancement Intern, Summer 2013

Recruit new teams to participate in C-STEM programs; Enhance STEM curriculum;

Enhance teacher training delivery system; Create standard STEM tool kit and teacher training collateral.

Chemical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

Ashley Irving

Public Administration and Public Relations Intern, 2012 – 2013

C-STEM media promotion; Scripting and supervising production of C-STEM commercials;

Maintaining C-STEM websites; Researching STEM education; Writing career and education advice for students on blog.

Technical Writing and Communications, Carnegie Mellon University

Arveyonka (Angel) Logan

Communications Intern, Summer 2011

Responsible for C-STEM’s written communications with media including press releases, social media updates, and editing for company documents.

Public Relations, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University

Julius Liu

STEM Intern, Summer 2010

Enhance STEM curriculum, teacher training, and C-STEM programs;

Create standard STEM tool kit and teacher training material; Recruit new teams to participate in C-STEM programs.

Bachelor of Science, Software Engineering / Communications and Digital Signal Processing
The University of Texas at Austin