C-STEM Challenge Competitions

Excellent way to showcase learning and cultivate a healthy competitive environment that inspires students to do their best.

We love some healthy competition!

The C-STEM Challenge is a highly motivating competition that engages students in multi-age groups to collaboratively identify, design, and build innovative solutions for up to eight different Challenge modules: Debate, Robotics Prototyping, Innovation, Coding, Sea Turtle Sculpture, Mosaic Mural, Film, and Photography. These modules are designed by industry professionals and national standards-aligned project-based learning activities, thus demonstrating the impact of teacher training on student learning and student performance in a STEM competition environment.

C-STEM offers thematic learning experiences that are updated annually to address a new world issue. 

With this curriculum series for Prek-12th grade students, we focus on preparing for the arrival of a society that demands both a high degree of technological acuity (which entails an understanding of the concepts of artificial intelligence, climate change, and automation) and an intrinsic motivation to strive for increased efficiency in the economic, social, and cultural aspects of life.

To implement the C-STEM Challenge thematic curriculum, complete the Integrated C-STEM Training Institute (ICTI) for the module(s) you desire to explore with students.

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Want to do a C-STEM Challenge Competition?

Here’s how:


Choose your Challenge Module and register for Teacher Training.


Access the curriculum and complete the Teacher Training module.


Implement the module with your students.


Submit your student projects (2–3-minute summary videos) online by one of our competition deadlines.


Compete with gracious professionalism. Competition winners are announced every Spring and Fall on National STE(A)M DAY and Earth Day.

Want to Host Your Own C-STEM Challenge Competition? We can help!

Hosting a C-STEM Challenge Competition for your school or district is both rewarding and a lot of fun! It’s a great way to showcase your students’ talents while getting the community, parents, and families invested in their learning journeys.

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11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM

11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM