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Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

Why K-12 Students Need to Learn Artificial Intelligence

It’s easy to think of artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology that is decades away from everyday use. Many people may also be aware of current applications, like chatbots on websites. However, AI is being implemented in a wide variety of industries. Its use will only continue to grow, and we must incorporate this technology into the K-12 STEM curriculum now.  Read the Full Article…

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This Month's Highlights

Hess Corporation Launches Initiative Benefiting C-STEM

We have a little more information for you about the partnership with the Hess Corporation that we announced in April. Earlier this month, Hess officially announced its Learning for Life Partnership in conjunction with Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities Initiative

C-STEM is pleased to announce that @Hess Corporation social investment will fund its Robotics Prototype Challenge Program at eight schools in Houston’s Second Ward, Magnolia Park and Third Ward neighborhoods as part of the Hess Learning for Life Partnership.  

In total, Hess Corporation is making a $9 million financial commitment over the next three years as part of its Learning for Life Partnership to fund educational programs and support services for children in three economically disadvantaged communities in Houston that are part of Mayor Sylvester Turner’s Complete Communities Initiative. Hess employees will also volunteer time and expertise to support these programs.

The Hess Learning for Life Partnership will benefit approximately 22 schools and more than 13,000 children from pre-K through elementary, middle, and high school in Houston’s Third Ward, Magnolia Park-Manchester, and Second Ward Complete Communities neighborhoods. The partnership expands the scope and reach of Hess’ LEAP (Learn, Engage, Advance, Persevere) educational program, a $7.4 million investment over the last eight years to support students in the Magnolia Park and Second Ward neighborhoods.

C-STEM is grateful for this incredible partnership, which will help us make a difference for so many local Houston students over the next three years. We look forward to all the great things we’ll accomplish together!

Volunteers Commit to Helping Houston Students Enjoy Summer STEM

Our amazing volunteers continue to give of their time this summer in helping package STEM toolkits.

Their efforts helped us provide more than 2.500 PreK-12 students a STEMtastic summer experience! We mailed out a STEM toolkit to each of these students.

Thank you for your continued support with helping us connect youth to the exciting world of communication, science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (C-STEM)!

Students Innovate for Sheldon ISD Challenge Day

Despite a challenging year for schools, Sheldon Independent School District remained focused on its STEM program. The district recently completed its C-STEM Challenge Day. Eleven teams from five schools demonstrated collaboration, initiative and hard work in the following categories: robotics, sculpture, innovation, and computer programming. We are so proud of the amazing things they accomplished.

Creating Culturally Inclusive Resources

K-5 educator, entrepreneur and C-STEM supporter LaQuitta Barnes says she’s always looking for ways to promote culturally inclusive resources in the classroom, and to share historical figures and events often not emphasized in history books. That’s why she started the website Our History Told,  where you’ll also find her book “Black Wall Street: The Spirit of Community.” The book tells the story of racial segregation in America, focusing on the Black-owned businesses and residential hub located in Tulsa, Okla.

“Unfortunately, the story of Black Wall Street is readily known, but not discussed,” she said. “This year marked the 100th anniversary of the destruction of the town, and I was yearning for more information on how it was built, and not solely focused on the destruction. When trying to find a book that highlighted the essence of Black Wall Street, I had a difficult time locating a children’s book about how Black Wall Street was created, and the success of the businessmen and women from the area.”

She decided to fill that need by writing her own book. “I wanted to empower students to see the wealth and sense of community in this Greenwood District,” she said. “This book is my call to action for the youth to connect with their rich history and to highlight the importance of community and supporting each other.”

Our History Told is an educational platform built to shine a light on historical figures and events often overlooked in history books. “The goal of Our History Told is to bring awareness and spark discussion among families and communities,” Barnes said. “Through our literature, we plan to educate, inspire, and encourage learners to feel the pulse of history as it beats in their everyday lives. We serve as the gateway for learners to see how these historical events continue to impact their future.”

Barnes and her husband, a former student of C-STEM founder Dr. Flowers, are C-STEM donors and STEM advocates. “It is important to support C-STEM’s efforts to expose our children to educational opportunities in various fields catered to math and science,” she said. “Through my book and our website, we hope to empower our youth to learn from historical figures and events as they create their paths to success.”

Partnering to STEM the Tide

This month, we salute the channel owner and content creator Tara Davis. She recently helped facilitate the at-home Evelyn Ware Math and Science Institute Camp sponsored by The Ivy League Educational & Charities Foundation, Xi Alpha Omega and Sigma Theta Chapters of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc., and Reliant.

We are honored that the organization selected Anywhere C-STEM Toolkits for this awesome summer learning experience.

Fundraiser Brings Fun, Fitness to STEM

Thank you to all who joined us on Sat., June 12 for “vFIT Your Way to a Healthy Lifestyle,” as well as those who donated online in support of the event. This bootcamp-style workout was a blast!  Thank you to vFIT Houston Owner Valencia Higgins for supporting our mission with this great opportunity to help raise funds for C-STEM.

Flowers Celebrates Juneteenth with Community

As we as a nation celebrated Juneteenth officially becoming a federal holiday, C-STEM Founder and CEO took a moment to share a fact about the events that inspired the holiday. Take a minute to watch her message.

Blast from the Past

We get the biggest joy going back down memory lane. C-STEM has touched so many lives over the 20 years we have been serving communities near and far. It is our hope that this memory places a smile on your face and in your heart. This month, we’re featuring images from The Little STEM Academy White Coat Award Ceremony.

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11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM