October 2021 C-STEM Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

Promising STEM Careers Don't Always Require a Degree

Here at C-STEM, we focus on K-12 STEM education, often with the goal of a college degree. Ultimately, we strive to give underrepresented students the opportunities they need to establish fulfilling careers and turn the tide for the next generation of students. However, with STEM careers continuing to multiply faster than ever, we’re finding that some of these careers do not need a college degree. In fact, many of these jobs are paying more than those that require a degree.  Read the Full Article…

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Registration Now Open for WISE 2021 Summit
World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) is hosting its global summit Dec. 7-9 in Doha, Qatar, but participants are welcome to attend virtually.  This year’s theme is “Generation Unmute: Reclaiming our Future through Education.” Registrations and proposals are now being accepted for the event.
Virtual Event
Dec. 7 – 9
Change Happens Annual Fall Luncheon

The Next Chapter Towards Change: Unlocking possibilities. Leading. Transforming.
Nov. 5
11:30 a.m.
The Junior League of Houston, Inc.
Register to attend virtually or in person.

ARISE Drone Engineering Challenge

Aerial Robotics in STEM Education (ARISE) Drone Engineering Challenge is a drone design competition developed by teachers for teachers. The competition is based around a semester-long capstone engineering course on drones.

Kick off on October 30 – pre-registration required
10:00 a.m. – Noon via Zoom
Register here.

Hispanic Heritage Foundation 2021 Youth Awards Educational Grants Program

The HHF is now accepting applications for the 23rd Annual Youth Awards, which will award students who are the graduating class of 2022 with up to $4000 in educational grants to fund their higher education or to fund a community-based project.

Apply here by Nov. 14.

This Month's Highlights

How You Can Help: Gift of Robotics, Holiday Social, Amazon Smile

Everything we’ve been able to accomplish over the past two decades is thanks to the support of our C-STEM family. We ask that you please consider helping us once again as we head into the holiday season.

Here’s 3 ways you can help:

  1. Please help Cloth & Cord this holiday season by donating through December 3 to provide preschoolers with Robotics Toolkits. Donate here.
  2. Save the date for our Dec. 16 Holiday Social. More info to come!
  3. Choose C-STEM as your charity of choice on Amazon Smile. We’ll receive a small donation for the purchases you make!

Thank you in advance for continuing to support our mission of making STEM education accessible for all K-12 students!

This Month's Spotlight

Live, Learn, and Inspire STEM Early

As we gear-up for National STEM Day, we would like to take this opportunity to highlight the early STEM work LJ Henderson is leading in the greater Houston area. As the founder of Little Stem Academy, “Henderson believes the best way to begin is at the beginning with PreK appropriate programs to make STEM a part of everyday life. Researchers agree the brain is 90% developed by age 5 and the gap in learning appears as early as kindergarten and first grade, implicating that the study of concepts in math and science should be a strong component of the preschool curriculum.” Read more…


Blast from the Past Corner

We get the biggest joy going back down memory lane. C-STEM has touched so many lives. We have been serving communities near and far for more than two decades. It is our hope that this memory places a smile on your face and warms your heart. This month, we’re bringing you a highlight video of our 2016 Challenge Day that was hosted in Detroit and Houston.

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11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM

11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM