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Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

The Promise of Women in Leadership

As we close out Women’s History Month, it is important to highlight the leadership skills of women who are being tapped for leadership positions. There are amazing female leaders whose contributions to STEM are creating new futures for tomorrow’s students. The hard work of women in uncharted territory is opening doors for young girls who may have never previously had access. Read the Full Article..

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This Month's Highlights

Sheldon ISD Goes All In on STEM

The Sheldon Independent School district continues to amp up its STEM efforts. Last year, the district sent four teams to the C-STEM Challenge, and this year they decided to expand that because STEMS is one of the district’s main areas of focuses. This year, ISD has 32 teams preparing to participate in the April 27 C-STEM Challenge. Students from grades 4-12 and on are teams that will compete in Robotics, Sculpture, Mural, Innovation, and Computer Programming.

“The driving force behind this is my 18 dedicated C-STEM Coaches that are some of the best teachers in the district, and that also have a passion for STEM and how we can use it to prepare our students for the future workforce,” said Sheldon ISD instructional leader Rebecca Zalesnik. “On April 13, we will host our own first-ever district C-STEM Challenge day so that our students can show off their hard work for their parents, community partners, and district personnel.”

Zalesnik said that at Sheldon ISD, they are on a mission to provide STEM opportunities for all students. They currently have STEAM labs in their PreK-Kinder campuses, two STEM Elementary Schools and a STEM Academy for grades 7-9. Sheldon ISD plans to continue expanding until they have an academy for grades 6-12, producing graduates with STEM endorsements, certifications, and internships that lead to them being fully prepared for the next level of life with college and STEM careers. “Our formula for STEM in Sheldon ISD is Confidence+ Skills+ Grit = Success!” Zalesnik said.

Rice MBA Students Embrace C-STEM Mission

Rice University MBA students are in the midst of working with C-STEM as part of their Capstone Course for the Spring 2019 semester. The program, offered through the university’s Jones Graduate School of Business, brings together teams of Rice MBA students to develop recommendations that help community organizations solve critical strategic challenges like growth or expansion plans.

“We chose C-STEM because we believe in the importance of STEM and the impact that it could have on lives of our future generation,” said team member Mohamed Chouat. “It is a noble cause that will keep the U.S. competitive in the global economy. Additionally, due to the fact that C-STEM works with underprivileged students, we strongly felt that we needed to do whatever we could help the goal of economic inclusivity for all.”

The team knew little about C-STEM when they began the project. “We were surprised at the extensive effort required to ensure that the various activities C-STEM hosts are successful,” Chouat said.

High School Senior Blends Passion for STEM, SCOUTING

Pearland High School senior Arif Nasim saw a unique opportunity to pursue his growing interest in computer science when he chose his Eagle Scout community service project for Houston Troop 713. For his project, he’s making a huge contribution to C-STEM by constructing the robotic competition fields for this year’s C-STEM Challenge Day. Nasim raised funds for the project, reviewed design requirements, generated a parts list, and scheduled several build meetings and a building day with several other scouts and friends. “This project was a chance for me to help create resources for other kids to find and develop their own passions,” he said. “And at the same time I could undertake engineering a design for a collapsible sturdy field, something I had never done before.” Nasim, who plans to pursue a major in computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas, has been working closing with C-STEM Chairman Ahmad Shaheed on the project.

Community Spotlight

Business Spotlight:

SABIC is an international company, with its Americas Region Head Office residing in the Houston area. One of the world’s largest petrochemicals manufacturers, SABIC is keenly aware of the need for C-STEM education for tomorrow’s employees and leaders. They don’t just talk about this. SABIC invests heavily in technology and innovation, and their generous support of C-STEM is one example of this.

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11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM