July 2020 C-STEM Newsletter

Message from Dr. Reagan Flowers

Falling Behind: Risks for K-12 Students

We are in one of the most unpredictable times in the history of education. COVID-19 shut down schools in March, and the future of education still remains uncertain. The last academic year ended with unprepared students and teachers transitioning to distance learning. With the new school year approaching, it is still unclear whether students will end up back at home again. Some schools are already planning on distance learning, some are attempting to return to normal and some are trying a blended approach.   Read the Full Article…

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This Month's Highlights

Our Mission Continues: Help Us Reach 30,000 Students

Thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we’ve been able to raise more than $10,000 to help provide 30,000 Anywhere C-STEM Toolkits to students in need. We still have a long way to go, but we are committed to helping bridge the digital divide and the additional barriers so many children are dealing with daily that impact their ability to learn. With the course of this school year still undetermined because of COVID-19, we need your help to make this big endeavor a reality. Please help us reach our goal.

DONATE TODAY: #cstem30Ktoolkits

C-STEM Receives First Federal Grant

The 400 Years of African American History Commission recently named C-STEM the recipient of a $5,000 grant. This opportunity will empower us to write a new history for African American contributions to and inspiration for STEM. We plan to create a museum exhibit with stories of ‘Becoming to Empowering Progress in STEM’. We will meet the need of educating the public about the contributions C-STEM has made standing on the shoulders of those who have made it possible to think-it, dream-it and do-it. The C-STEM Museum Exhibit will travel, each time honoring the long-lasting legacy of African Americans in STEM, current day contributions of African American in STEM, and continue to enlighten the public long-term with evergreen exhibit components. The exhibit will offer a diverse range of expressive pieces and images that intersect with communication, science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and art. As the exhibit travels to museums, it will be attached to educational programs and community outreach events. The C-STEM Exhibit will open at The Buffalo Soldiers Museum in Houston, Texas, and continue to travel to museums where C-STEM has a footprint across the U.S.

Help a Classroom Near You

Classrooms don’t have the supplies they need to help them explore their potential and excel.

Teachers typically spend hundreds of dollars of their own money on materials each year, and it’s still not enough. Devastating budget cuts are only making it worse. You can help make a difference by contributing via www.ClassWish.org.

Here’s how it works:

  • Teachers create a Wish List of the things they need to equip great classrooms
  • ClassWish lets parents and others see exactly what is needed and how to help
  • Donors receive a receipt for their tax-deductible contribution
  • ClassWish sends the supplies directly to the school

Please donate if you can. Students and teachers need our help.

Summer Intern Spotlight

Please welcome the newest C-STEM interns! We will be featuring our summer STEM Project Enhancement Interns throughout the July and August newsletters.

Antonio Esono Ndong
Texas Southern University

Ndong is an Electrical & Computer Engineering major who is working with C-STEM to build robotic prototypes for elementary, middle and high schools. He plans to build a career where he can give his family a better life and help other families in need.

Evan Engelhaupt
Trinity University

Evan is a Physics and Applied Chemistry double major who is working on a research study to determine current educational needs across the nation. He aims to learn as much he can, so in the future he can make a positive impact on the world through science.

Elizabeth Sandoval Lara
University of Houston

Elizabeth is a Mechanical Engineering major who is working on designing prototype kits to help K-12 students learn mechanical and electrical concepts related to robotics. In her career, she plans to design and test equipment that will make people’s lives easier.

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11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM

11th Annual State of STEM Education Stakeholder Breakfast

Please join us at The Junior League of Houston from 7:30-9:00 AM